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Hi, I'm Vicky, founder of White Elephant Wisdom. Let's get to know each other!  I'll start by telling you a bit about myself and what inspires me to live my best life.

Society would apply labels to me like, middle aged, self-employed writer with a passion for photography and a newly found interest in singing and songwriting.  Some might say I have a non-traditional or new-aged set of Spiritual beliefs that I allow to guide me when making decisions in all areas of my life. 

People who have known me personally for years might sum up my life by telling you that they admire my strength and positive outlook.  They know my history of loss & trauma and have watched me grow and evolve through each event.  They often seek me out for council and will tell you I am easy to talk to and have a calm and loving energy that helps them to feel safe enough to open up and give expression to their deepest hurts and fears.  They may even say that I am a source of inspiration to many.

Those would all be pretty accurate descriptions but I'd also like to tell you a little bit about how I see myself...



I'm a woman who is engaged in her life.  By this I mean that I am fully engaged in the constant flow of the Soul's own evolution.  I live by a philosophy that believes we are all expressions of The Creator, Universal Source or God (or any other label you use for your Higher Power) and, are constantly existing in a state of creation.  

Understanding that I am the author of my own life, that my own thought processes, feelings and beliefs are just as responsible for shaping my reality as my actions are, empowers me to have the courage to grab the controls and steer it to the experiences I most desire!

We like to call this 'Conscious Living'.  My heart's desire is to simply 'show others the way'.    I currently do this by sharing 'my story' and my coping methods through inspirational writing, fun and innovative lectures & workshops, creative photographic images & videos, and grief support services that are  unique and guided by 'Spirit'  

Thank you for stopping by and may your days be filled with grace and a child-like sense of adventure!



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