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A Sacred Shamanic Grieving Ceremony

This is a beautiful and very moving ceremony where we come together in the spirit of community to celebrate the life of someone who is currently in the process of dying or has already departed, bringing balance and energetic closure to those of us left behind. 


Together, we will build a "Despacho" (a prayer bundle) consisting of many colored layers where we offer various elemental ingredients that have been infused with our own personal prayers, hopes and wishes for our loved ones who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge to the Afterlife.

Participants find this ceremony to be a powerful healing tool when working through grief.  It provides a safe and sacred environment where we feel supported by the community we have created through intentional ceremony as we move through our own grief journey.  There is often a notable "shift" that takes place within each individual at different points of the ceremony where they move from the lower vibration of grief and sorrow, to a lighter place of love and celebration of life.


More About Aya Despacho


Vicky Edgerly

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