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Grief Support

White Elephant Wisdom LLC takes a metaphysical approach to grief support.  My firm belief in the continued existence of consciousness (the soul) after physical death  forms the foundation of my teachings and grief support services.  While it is recognized that believing in the afterlife can often ease the grief of many of the bereaved, it is not always 'enough' to have any deep and lasting effect on those who have suffered especially difficult or traumatic losses.  For this reason, I am committed to offering continued education and support for all stages of the grief journey.

**Vicky is NOT a therapist or a grief counselor. Her Grief Support services are offered for the sole purpose of providing education and insight into the soul's journey through death, which often helps the bereaved come to terms with their loss and lessen the symptoms of grief such as anxiety and depression.

***These services are NOT intended to replace traditional therapies such as psychological counseling.  Please see Terms and Conditions.

What to Expect:

Since every grief journey is a personal one, unique to each griever, I like to take a personal approach to each private session. 

We start with a 30 minute intake appointment (on the phone) to get a feel for each other. I will be looking for information like who you are, what type of loss you have encountered, where you are in both your grief journey and your spiritual journey and then I tailor your sessions around my impressions and any concerns you feel a need to address. You use this time to ask me questions and get a feel for who I am and what my approach is like.  After the initial in-take call, we both decide if we think it would be beneficial to work together and, if so, we then book your first session (Skype or Phone...your choice) 


Because of my extensive background in various types of Energy Work, I may feel moved to offer complimentary treatments such as Reiki, chakra balancing or meditative exercises designed to help ease anxiety associated with grief during your sessions.  Some clients are particularly responsive to 'guided imagery', a type of meditation to help train the mind to choose calming, peaceful thoughts over stress-inducing ones.

***I am NOT a Psychic Medium. Please do not expect to receive channeled messages from your departed loved ones at these sessions.


A Note From Vicky:

"Having gone through the grieving process several times myself, I understand quite well that no one can take your pain away.  The grief journey is yours and yours alone to walk through.  What I can do is to take your hand and walk with you, perhaps even lead the way from time to time when you are too weary to blaze the trail on your own. As someone who has already walked it and knows the way, I can offer you my services as a 'Grief Journey Guide', and help make your path a little easier to traverse." 


People currently under medical or psychological care should consult with their providers before attending. Please read all Terms and Conditions.

For more insights into my own personal grief journey please visit my BLOG page.  If you type the word, 'Grieving' into the search bar you will find a multiple part series I write where each article addresses a specific aspect of the grief journey.
I like to encourage clients to find creative outlets as a way to help process some of their grief. My own passions are for writing and photography and most recently, music and song writing.  HERE you can read about how that process showed up for me and see the very first song I wrote called Surviving the Storm.
Pricing Structure

All grief support sessions are done via Skype or Phone (YOUR choice)

Simply select one of the options below and enter your payment using the 'Buy Now' button. (You will be directed to use your PayPal account but if you scroll down, you will also have credit card payment options.)


Once payment is received, I will contact you to set up your appointment time.

30 Minute In-Take Call       FREE​

(Contact me to request a date)

30 Minute Session             $30

60 Minute Session             $55

4 Hour Package                $200

To be used as 30 min or 60 min sessions for a total of 4 hours.

The Scholarship Program could use your help! 

Scholarship Program

There are limited funds available for folks who feel they cannot afford my services.  Feel free to contact me to inquire about existing funds and/or to be put on the waiting list for future funding.


Please consider donating in either 30 min or 60 min increments to my scholarship fund.


(Your 30 min donation becomes a 60 minute session for a grieving client who cannot afford my fees!)

30 Mins
60 Mins

Thank you for supporting this work. YOU are appreciated beyond measure!