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Vicky's Tips for Grievers

I've listed several tips that I have found quite helpful while I am grieving a loss.

Each tip in this list has great value all on their own accord but when used together as a self-care practice, they can put you on a fast track to healing your pain and moving you forward toward the new life you are building without your person physically in it. 


If you are ready and willing to explore ways in which you can consciously shape your own grief journey, resulting in a more peaceful way of being, then download this list of tips and begin practicing just one....and then another....and another.

If these methods appeal to you but you are still feeling overwhelmed in your grief and need extra help, then you might benefit from a private session with me where I can gently guide and support you through this process as well as applying other techniques for energy healing and story 'tending'. 


Recommended Reading 

The following is a list of books I have found helpful for various stages of my own grief.  I will not add recommendations to my website that I have not personally encountered and found to be truly helpful in a positive way, promoting self-growth and healing. There are many other books out there that other people find helpful so this is by no means a comprehensive and complete listing but a great place to start.  I encourage you to read any books, articles blogs that seem to call to you during the different stages of your grief.


Tools for Download

Once you have made a conscious decision to embrace a healing journey, I encourage you to explore the exercises provided here for download. If any of the instructions are not clear to you, feel free to contact me at anytime for further help and explanation.

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