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Vicky's Grief Support services provide education and insight into the soul's journey through death, which often helps the bereaved come to terms with their loss and lessen the symptoms of grief such as anxiety and depression.

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Grieving the loss of a loved one often leaves us feeling depleted and empty, like we have no control over our lives and what happens to us at all. This can be overwhelming for those who cannot see a way out as they struggle to regain their "old life" and some sense of normalcy.

But what if I told you it doesn't have to be this way?  What if I told you that you CAN find healthier ways to live with your grief? What if I told you that YOU actually decide what your grief journey will be like and what if I went on to tell you that, while you'll never be able to have your "old life" back, you can design and live a brand new full of promise, peace, love and JOY?

Would you believe me?

Join me in Blog Discussions, Lectures, Interactive Workshops, Community Grief Ceremonies and/or Private Grief Journey sessions and you will begin to understand the life/death journey from a deeper perspective. 

As your understanding grows, something amazing happens....Your whole world starts to expand and one day you wake up and realize you feel lighter, stronger, wiser and yes, happier! 


"Understanding that I am the author of my own life, that my own thoughts, feelings and beliefs are just as responsible for shaping my reality as my actions are, empowers me to have the courage to grab the controls and steer it to the experiences I most desire!"

Vicky Edgerly

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