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Life is so rich and full of wondrous experiences that all contribute to who we are today and who we will become in the future.

While it might seem logical to shy away from uncomfortable or even painful topics, the truth is that those times are our greatest teachers and offer us our biggest opportunities for change and growth.

When we grow past a painful experience it's like we 'level-up' and become a stronger, more engaged person and that opens us up to a wider range of new and exciting experiences!


Contact Me

If you're interested in hosting one of my lectures or interviewing me on your Podcast! 

I am available to give talks on various subject matter in my own fields of experience and expertise.  My talks about over-coming trauma associated with loss are especially well received and seem to help a lot of people with their own healing journey after the loss of a loved one.  Sometimes by simply sharing our own story, we can lessen the burden of others faced with similar challenges.

When I am scheduled to give a talk or am participating in an event you will find links to those details here on this page.

Inspirational Lectures

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  • My Own Personal Story of Multiple Loss

  • Using Metaphysical Practices to Ease Grief

  • Life After Suicide 

  • Surviving the Loss of a Child

  • Widowhood- Reinventing Yourself After the Loss of a Spouse

  • Using Traumatic Experience as a Tool for Personal Growth & Expansion

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