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"Your kindness and compassion towards our families transcended all our combined grief.  The Aya Despacho Ceremony was beautifully sacred and your talk in August was powerful & pertinent.  Thank you for the work you do!"

Deana ~ Rett's Roost ~ Ogunquit Maine

    "Vicky is a very spiritual & gifted group leader, she brings her whole self, heart & soul. I was at the beginning of my journey and the monthly meeting always brought something new to explore. I always looked forward to our monthly group meetings as it was a chance to get together and work on growing & healing. Vicky is an inspiration to me with her openness and courage to follow her dreams and calling."

Roxanne Roberge ~ Clear Your Wings Energy Healing ~
South Berwick, Maine

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Jennifer Thayer 
Special Education Paraprofessional
Kittery, Maine

"The day I heard Vicky’s words. What I mean is, I felt her words. She spoke gently at her husband’s funeral. She was broken, yet whole as time seemed to stand still. She spoke, and we all clung to those loving words.... I sat at the table watching my son, who cared deeply for her husband, Leo, listen closely to these same loving words. She passed on all of the feelings and understanding that everyone in attendance needed to hear. She had already experienced so much loss, that we were at a loss. We were at a loss of words or the ability to say anything that made any sense. Somehow, she let us know that everything was going to be OK. In hindsight, I see that a large part of Vicky’s healing and understanding was her insightful and caring nature to help us feel that everything really was going to be alright. Never the same of course when you lose someone you love, but it was going to be alright. We all needed to feel and understand that, and Vicky brought to us that understanding with love and kindness."

Vicky is knowledgeable, gracious, compassionate and empathetic to those around her. The Fire Ceremony I attended several years ago was an eye opening experience for me in letting go of that that no longer serves me. I was so impressed that I have asked her to do another Fire Ceremony. I often find myself in awe of this lovely woman.

Donna Chagnon~Hypnotherapist / Reiki Master

Allenstown, NH

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