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Explore the links on this page to learn more about the workshops & events offered by White Elephant Wisdom and where you can attend them. 

A Note from Vicky: "My life is ever-changing and so it's not uncommon for me to go for extended periods of time without a workshop scheduled while I put my efforts into other projects and events.  I hope you check back frequently or, better yet, sign up for my eNews so that you can stay informed about upcoming events! 

In addition, I am currently offering any of my workshops, ceremonies and lectures to private groups, at your location(s), within a 'reasonable' distance from my home in St. Petersburg, Florida. Please contact me for more information."

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Canoe Journey

A fun and interactive group meditation experience

Stone Divination Workshop

An innovative way to use your own intuition for guidance

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Aya Despacho

A sacred Shamanic Grieving Ceremony


Interactive talks on various areas of the life & death jourey

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Read Testimonials Here

"Your kindness and compassion towards our families transcended all our combined grief..."


"The Aya Despacho Ceremony was beautifully sacred..."

"Somehow, she let us know that everything was going to be OK..."

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