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Vicky's View Through the Lens

Finding JOY through creative expression!  Shooting photos through grief-colored glasses requires conscious effort to see the world as beautiful. After years of using photography and photo editing as a creative outlet for stress relief, I've learned to see beauty everywhere I look.  A friend once told me I could make a mud puddle look pretty and I consider that one of the highest compliments I could ever receive, not because I am a great photographer, but because it indicates how healthy my view of life and the world around me really is. 

I'd love to share my art with you!

Here, you can browse my original work and buy prints of your favorites to enjoy in your own home or give as gifts.

You can also have them printed onto handy, useful items such as coffee mugs, pillows, framed prints, greeting cards, note pads, tote bags and beach towels (to name a few!). 


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